Mama's Place
764 A Huntington Avenue
MA 02115
T. 617-566-1300

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Welcome to Mama's Place!

A few things you should know...

• Mama always loves to cook!

• Fresh ground beef, U.S.D.A. approved, forms our burgers and we cook them on the charbroiler to bring out that exceptional flavor.

• From our ocean to your plate. The fish is always fresh.

• When we prepare the eggplant, the grapevine leaves, the oven roasted potatoes, the bolognese sauce, and the avgolemono and lentil soup, we use the same family recipes my Grandmother, Parthena, brought with her when she came as a refugee from Minor Asia to Greece. Then she passed them on to my mother, Dimitra, and my mother to us.

• We use only olive oil in our recipes.

• Unlike other catering places, at Mama’s Place, we are dedicated to helping you plan any event with a personal touch!

• We provide better service, top quality and great price.

and remember...

Mama always loves you!